Every major business decision has the potential to become an inflection point.  Without a rigorous analysis of the key internal and external factors, the true impact of the decision may not be known until the consequences are irreversible.  The ancient proverb states, "through a multitude of wise counselors the victory is won."

Our team is comprised of skilled attorneys and legal professionals with extensive backgrounds in strategic planning, business leadership, project finance and, accounting allowing us to understand and advise on the business and legal impact of your key decisions. We offer support for:

  • Business Acquisitions

  • Multi-state and International Expansion

  • Succession Planning

  • High Stakes Communications


Where there is nothing ventured, there will be nothing gained.  Risk is necessary in every successful business.  Systems for compliance when properly designed helps business leaders identify acceptable and unacceptable risk, and implement procedures take advantage of lucrative opportunities within confines of the law.  We advise our client and help them to navigate:

  • Construction Law and Regulations

  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

  • EEOC and Labor Law

  • Human Resources and ERISA

  • Information and Data Security Compliance

  • Agency Audits

  • H1B, L1 and PERM Visas


Every financing activity is unique, yet there are lessons to be learned from each event.  What if your legal advisor could see your event through the critical eyes of a CPA, or understand the financial models like an experienced CFO?  That is the value of true business attorney, and it is something we bring to every client representation. Our services include:

  • Due Diligence

  • Negotiate Financing Terms

  • Transaction Documentation

  • Entity Formation

  • Risk Assessment and Management

(Existing Clients Only)

The courtroom is no place for the uninitiated.  Yet, man businesses are paying a premium for the privilege of being represented by inexperienced associates in high stakes litigation.  At Banks Concierge Law, the name of the door will be the name in Court.  Our experience has been hard-earned in Courts at all levels throughout the State of Texas.  Our only objective is "Win for our client!"

  • Federal and State Courts

  • Statewide

  • Agency and Administrative Proceedings

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Arbitration

(Existing Clients Only)

Embarrassing, unfortunate and sometimes deadly things happen in business.  Sometimes they are the fault of the business and sometimes they are not.  An executive may be accused, a customer or employer may be injured, the business may suffer a cash crisis. 


Every crisis presents a hidden opportunity.


The timing, tone and tactfulness of the business' response will dictate whether the business survives the storm or is destroyed by the tempest of public perception.  We help our clients to proactively plan:

  • Strategy

  • Communication

  • Advocacy Approach

  • Readiness

  • Collaboration

  • Communities of Interest