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Committed to excellence!

Our firm's mission is to help our clients succeed in business, build their wealth, and protect their assets.

We support our clients from business formation through business succession.

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Business Law and Formation Services

We provide a wide range of essential legal services for businesses, including: contract review, CEO advisory, on-going general counsel, and business formation.

We take the time to understand our clients, build relationships, and offer value-based services to support your business' success.

Federal Contract Management

We believe that businesses of all sizes and backgrounds deserve to be treated with respect and receive consistent and reliable advice to manage their federal and state government contracts.

Lead counsel, Olaide Banks, has spent more than 20 years immersed in the Government Contracting community, specifically serving MWBE, 8(a), and SDB businesses.


FAR and Procurement Law Compliance

Every federal prime contractor and subcontractor is subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), along with many other laws and regulations that govern the sale of goods and services to the Government.  Large and small businesses essentially have the same expectations of compliance.  A business' size, or lack of skill and expertise, is not an acceptable excuse for non-compliance.

We help businesses operate and thrive in this potentially perilous environment. 


Information and Data Security Compliance

Information and data security has become the most important  area of increased scrutiny for all business, especially government contractors.  


Whether your goal is to meet DFARS NIST 800-171, FISMA or just industry best practices, data and information security boils down to one question:  


Does your business have a system that is capable of protecting the data and information within your control or care?

Every system is comprised of three components: (1) People, (2) Procedures, and (3) Technology. 


Our firm brings the experience and expertise necessary to help businesses of all sizes build and maintain compliance systems.


Stakeholder Relations

Maintaining positive and productive relationships with community stakeholders is a key factor in advancing your business.  We contribute to the messaging and advocacy that is necessary to build and repair the relationships that lead to sustainable success.

Let's Work Together!

Committed to delivering excellence in  legal and advisory services. We support our clients from formation through succession.

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