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By downloading the  free eBooks you agree and understand that the information contained in the eBooks is general information and may not be used as a substitute for advice on specific legal questions.

Playing To Win



This brief eBooks discusses the common legal considerations when starting a business.

Winning Contractor Teams



Grow your government contract business through subcontracts, joint ventures and other teaming arrangements.

Construction Contract

Boot Camp



Slide Deck on winning, managing and profiting from construction and government contracts.

OB's Recommended Reading

The books below are not recommended as legal advice.  You should only get legal advice from a lawyer, and only after sharing the specifics of your situation.

These books are just great books that I think every business leader should read.  I read 1 to 2 new books per month, so if you have a recommendation for me, or if you'd like a recommendation please email me.


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